House of Souls

Aidan Manning is a London barrister with a flourishing career. Evelyn Machin is an ER surgeon from Los Angeles who saves lives every day. They live over five thousand miles apart but on a night in 2005, they wake up in the same place. Near a house on a wind-swept cliff-top. 

Same souls. Different bodies. In a realm designed for soul-making.

Led by two guides, they embark on a journey through the deepest questions of life. Traveling from Rwanda to the Deep South, and from a wreck in the Pacific to the Crucifixion, they go in search of answers. Burdened by their own pasts, they discover not just insight but healing and restoration.

On return to their earthly bodies, however, two questions torment them. Who do I keep meeting in my dreams? And if it’s just a dream, why am I falling in love? Their desperate quest for knowledge – and each other – lead to extraordinary discoveries. About the world. And the meaning of their lives.

House of Souls will be released in May 2022.

Click here to buy it. No link? Not released yet.

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