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Remembering Dr. Billy Graham

1984. Student days. We drove all the way from Exeter to Bristol to see Billy Graham. Over 90 miles. I’ll never forget the scene. Huge stadium, filled to bursting with people but the weather was terrible. It was pouring with rain and we sat,…


Authority. I have a love/hate relationship with this word. Instinctively I dislike it intensely. I misbehaved at school. Rather a lot. I couldn’t stand being told what to do. I wasn’t disrespectful, but I lived in my own world and authority figures cramped my…


You can’t buy God. That’s religion, isn’t it? Paying for God’s approval. Good behavior that earns God’s favour and love. Or let’s face it, a much baser assumption, you’ll get what you want. The prosperity gospel. Ugh. But you can’t download God either. This…


What drives your moral judgements? Yesterday I suggested heart and not head. Here’s an example to get you started. It’s a story about ‘gendering’ in Manchester. Yes, it’s about toilets. My apologies. Gendering? Where did this word come from? And it’s transitive. Oh my…


Short and sweet. A post every day of the working week. 200 words or less. A minute of your time. Enjoy. So, why is it that if you mention Hitler, you always lose the argument? It’s true isn’t it? And it happened last week….

Fight or Journey

What’s your life? Fight or Journey? No contest, right? It’s got to be Journey. Ah-ah, no mixing the two. Enough of ‘well, what about a fight while I’m on my journey!’ The point about the metaphor is that you have to choose one. Just…

New vision for the colour-blind

This article is a follow-on from the article – Hate Crime, Love the Criminal – published by LICC (The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity) on Friday 26, June 2015. To read it, click here. Disclaimer: The following article is a blog post. It contains…

Squashed, then lifted

Last Thursday, I lost a game of squash. And what a fantastic time I had! Allow me to explain. I play at Trojans and I had the privilege of playing the club champion. His name is Kevin Harris and – forgive the cliché –…

Stephen, you’re on the wrong floor

You may have seen Stephen Fry’s rant last week. Here’s a (partial) transcript of what he said in an interview with Irish broadcaster RTE: Asked what he’d say to God, if he met him: I’ll say ‘bone cancer in children – what’s that about?…

Free . . . but don’t hurt others

It has various names and tag lines. Live and let live. That’s probably the most popular slogan. It’s also called libertarian freedom. I’m referring to Western culture’s prevailing philosophy, the one which governs and underpins Western democracy and most of our political engagement. Do…

Charlie, ce n’est pas moi!

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. ~~ After the carnage of last week, Charlie Hebdo decided to print a cartoon of Mohammed after all. Hmm. In the media, there are big stories and HUGE stories. This one is HUGE. Why? Re-wind back…

Surprise! Surprise!

Remember Christmas when you were a kid? The stomach-churning excitement as the days ticked down towards Christmas Day. No more school. No more shopping days. It’s coming, it’s coming! And as we inspected the piles of presents beneath the tree, the most important question:…

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Discovering the Gift

Isaiah 43:1

...the One who formed you says, "Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are Mine."

Mirth and Melancholy

Comment, comedy and capers for the faithful, faithless and fallible

Sam's Town

Comment, comedy and capers for the faithful, faithless and fallible

Tanya Marlow - Thorns and Gold

The Bible, suffering, and the messy edges of life

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