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In praise of great writing

  We watch the movies, the TV shows, and we think it’s the actors, the stars whose names we know . . . we think they are the important ones. They are not. It is the writers who count the most. Always. It is the…

Latest Post – Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford – The Death of Truth

Emotions are running high. Emotions have taken over the asylum. Perhaps we should have known. Emotions trump truth every time. Emotions are more powerful in the public square than truth can ever be. Because the reality is . . . No one knows the…


  ‘Do not judge!’ ‘Excuse me?’ ‘I said, do not judge. You’re judging people and that’s wrong, so don’t do it.’ ‘I’m sorry, but isn’t what you just said . . . er, a judgement? A judgement about my judging of others?’ ‘Yes.’ Harrumph…

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